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6 Benefits of Process Automation for Every Business.

Results! Process automation and AI can take care of lower value-add jobs and tasks and focus employees on activities that will result in improved business metrics. Very often lower value-add tasks serve as a stepping stone for higher value-added jobs. A good example of this is a customer-care employee who channels enquiries while they could […]

Firstcoast expands to offer bespoke solutions for your organisation.

Firstcoast offer electronic document management solutions, scanning services and cutting-edge technology that can transform your business. We partner with innovative technology-leaders throughout the world who embraces the exciting opportunities brought about by the digital era. Firstcoast recently partnered with iGuana EDM to expand our services and technology. With iGuana software we offer a bespoke solution for your organisation’s […]

Staying relevant in today’s education environment

With the growing pool of tech savvy connected students entering the tertiary education area, it is important for institutions to have their content available electronically. The youth of today wants instant, immediate access to everything and will engage where this is available. If an institute is not on board with this, they run the risk […]

ODS 100 Will Debut in New Orleans at Annual Library Conference

 Scannx, a leading developer of cloud-based document scanning and delivery solutions for libraries, has paired their software with the Crowley-manufactured ODS overhead book and document scanner and is now available from firstcoast. The pairing will be offered to the public as the ODS 100. Firstcoast is a market leader in the distribution of book, microfilm, photographic and document […]

firstcoast to distribute Kurabo large format flatbed scanners in Africa

Distribution Agreement – a Win-Win-Situation Under this agreement, firstcoast will distribute the A0 and A1 models in Africa through its international partner. Kurabo in return will become the exclusive distribution partner for Zeutschel overhead scanner in Japan. The new agreement creates a win-win situation for Zeutschel in Euproe and America, for firstcoast in Africa and […]

New version of the zeta overhead scanner

More functionality at the same price: The new zeta comes with a larger, state-of-the-art touchscreen, more computing power under Windows 10 and the latest zeta software version. The Zeutschel overhead scanner features a scanning unit located above the document support surface. Books, magazines and other documents can therefore be opened normally and scanned from above. […]

Flash Drives for Freedom

During South Africa’s darkest decades an unforgivable crime, which often gets overlooked due to the atrocities that went on under cover, is the destruction of information. Authorities, in their attempt to control the thoughts and ideologies of the population, could not allow information to be freely available. With information people can make up their minds, […]


In this featured product segment, we’d like to look at one of the cool features and functions built into the Versascan family of scanners, which really set them apart from the competition: the V3D function. The V3D software is an exciting and innovative feature which comes standard with all new large format Versascan scanners. V3D […]

Free scanners!

Free scanners! JanuWorry is over! To celebrate our re-entry into post-holiday madness, firstcoast® is running an incredible special! For every Avision sheet-fed scanner we sell, we will give away an additional AVA6 Plus A6 colour scanner. It is an ideal scanner for ID cards, driver licenses, or passports that adheres to Avision’s well known quality and […]

Zeutschel ScanStudio – scanner and photo studio in one

 Zeutschel ScanStudio – scanner and photo studio in one Since the boom in the digitisation industry, the option to digitise material for preservation has become available to more and more people. With the increased availability and demand, our clients have more diverse needs and requirements. In collaboration with Zeutschel in Germany, we are constantly trying […]

Scanning your artwork

Cape Town artists, you can now make top quality digital images of your artworks for reproduction. The most advanced large format scanner in south africa is available at our facilities in Paarden Eiland. The Versascan 3650 makes digital reproductions of good quality, fragile and delicate originals. Since the material is lying still on the surface, reproductions are […]

paperfreeweb in action! Take a virtual tour with us

In this video we explore how paperfreeweb is used in conjunction with Iris Powerscan and a Scamax scanner. This video clip shows the process where documents are scanned and metadata created in Power Scan. When complete with the batch it is automatically uploaded to paperfreeweb in the cloud where the uploaded documents and associated metadata […]

Paper less or paper free is a tactical business strategy

In an age dominated by technology why are we still seeing businesses continue to print, copy, fax,  scan and then file and store  trillions of pieces of paper? Did you know that globally business continues to use paper printouts to archive 62% of all their important documents? So why is it so difficult for business […]

Calculating the return on investment when digitising archives for newspapers or magazines?

The move away from extensive paper storage and box stored archives is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Yet there are still those that are reluctant to take the leap and the main reason for this is always the same –  give me a monetary indication on my return of investment? Let’s unpack the […]

Claims processing system can change the insurance industry – Tailoring paperfree solutions, one claim at a time!

We live in an age where speed and accessibility are becoming ever more important due the interconnectivity of modern day life; it goes without saying that being able to quickly access relevant information would speed up business processes, making a company more competitive and thus more likely to survive in these challenging economic times. firstcoast™ […]

Digitisation front runners in Africa team up with firstcoast to preserve the future of the past

Digitisation in archives and libraries is currently a buzz in the academic, library and archive environments. Digital preservation of our cultural and scientific heritage is among the most important present-day and future tasks facing society as a whole. Africa’s front runners in these digital initiatives, such as; The University of Witwatersrand, UNISA, University of Botswana, […]

firstcoast employees reaches into pockets for “Reach For a Dream” campaign

Every year the Reach for a dream foundation runs a “Reach for your slippers” campaign as one of the biggest fundraisers of the year. Reach for a dream raises funds to help fulfil the dreams of children with terminal illnesses in hospitals and homes all over the country. Firstcoast employees are proud to step out […]

Madiba day the firstcoast way

Many NGO’s and shelters exist in the Western Cape, however not everyone is fortunate enough to have a proper roof over their heads during the cold winter months. The staff of firstcoast, Western Cape, spent Mandela Day with some of the shack dwellers in the Maitland area and shared their smiles, hugs and nourishment.  

Cloud storage: Complete data control at a fraction of the cost | Richard Vester

The cloud has become one of the most ubiquitous new developments in IT in recent years. All manner of cloud services have sprung up, and cloud computing is powering some of the most widely used online applications – think of iTunes, Dropbox, Kindle and Google Docs. These are all cloud services. While most visible cloud […]

Are you a paper pusher? Use the 3 E’s and reduce today

The typical workplace is hooked on paper, with some shocking statistics. • The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. • The United States alone, which has less than 5% of the world’s population, consumes 30% of the world’s paper. • Over 40% of wood pulp goes toward the production of […]

Moving beyond paper is the new frontier…

We are all exposed to the new digital world, a world of touch screens, virtual offices, emails coming through on our smart watches. We see this world in the movies and series we watch. We love it, but do we use it in our own business lives – no would be the answer. I hosted […]

To be or not to be paper-free is no longer a question

For years we have all spoken about the “paper-free” or “paper-less” office so why are we still spending a small fortune every month on paper, ink cartridges, printers, copiers and faxes. I will tell you why. Not because we don’t see and understand the immediate business and cost benefits of paper and printing reductions, but […]

What is Popi (Protection of Personal Information Act) and are you compliant?

The Protection of Personal Information Act (Popi) became law on November 26 2013. Popi essentially regulates how anyone who processes personal information must handle, keep and secure that information.

Is the Paper free Office possible?

How will paper free benefit your pocket? Where are you saving money by running a paperfree office? The biggest impacter here is obviously saving on ink and paper. It is surprising how much the average office spends on paper and especially printer ink. Another money drain is the equipment and maintenance on that equipment – Multifunctional printers, files and filing cabinets.

The IEC teams up with Firstcoast to streamline South Africa’s general elections

On election day, 22 April 2009, all South Africans needed to do, was make a cross on a piece of paper. Behind the scenes, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) still had a lot of work lying ahead to ensure that the election count was accurate, secure and as fast as possible.

Time to Think

The office: a good place to start. Population growth will lead to the decrease in both living and office spaces. Therefore, all businesses, Davids and Golliaths, should focus on smart solutions within limited space. Scarcity of commodities and resources is a reality we’re all facing and reducing consumption is no longer an option but a […]

Office Optimisation guarantees increased profitability!

Office Optimisation Cape Town-based technology brand FirstCoast’s approach to doing business in the fast pacing digital world goes well beyond the call of “green duty”. Driven by bottom line results FirstCoast's take on day to day business focuses on Office Optimisation and making best use of cost effective, easy to comprehend, install and maintain world […]