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Aperture Card

Create digital images from microfilm aperture cards that can be instantly accessed,  searched, viewed, printed or emailed. Optics, scan engine and Smartcode image processing algorithms all developed specifically for microfilm scanning. Scan any ISO aperture card with no extras or modifications to purchase.

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Using the latest in Mekel’s CCD, lens and patented “smoothlight” fiber optic technology, these fiche scanners demonstrate an ability to seamlessly convert any format of microfiche to various electronic image formats. Providing the highest optical dpi in the industry, the MACH series microfiche scanners deliver clear and consistent image quality while automatically regulating density variations common to many microfiche.

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The renowned MACH-series microfilm scanners continue to adapt to suit the varying and changing needs of the high-volume archival and records management markets. All models include 16 mm and 35 mm microfilm conversion capability; the latest in camera, lens and light source technology; the highest optical dpi in the industry and more.

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Universal Microform

Designed as an uncomplicated device for public and professional use, Universal Microform scanner(s) simply and efficiently digitize all formats of microfilm as well as photographic materials. On-demand multi-format scanning digitizes roll film, microfiche, aperture cards, micro-cards and photographic slides/negatives. Save files to local USB, print to hardcopy, output to the cloud or email. Walk-up on-demand scanner with customizable interface, Kensington lock security and optional pay-per-use interface.

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