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Claims processing system can change the insurance industry – Tailoring paperfree solutions, one claim at a time!

We live in an age where speed and accessibility are becoming ever more important due the interconnectivity of modern day life; it goes without saying that being able to quickly access relevant information would speed up business processes, making a company more competitive and thus more likely to survive in these challenging economic times.

firstcoast™ are process catalysts for businesses, through their document solution – paperfreeweb™.

paperfreeweb™ enables controlled access to information and documentation, to create a dramatically more efficient business processes, whilst removing the “clutter” of physical paper, unsynchronised reporting and untraceable incomplete tasks.

Grant Stott, Director at firstcoast highlighted a case within an insurance company, which with the implementation of paperfreeweb™, completely transformed the claims environment ensuring controlled, speedy, traceable claims, with no lodged claim falling through the cracks.  paperfreeweb™ provided a platform to take the client’s existing claims process and mould a solution around them.

The firstcoast ™ team started the transformation on the claims process, by spending time examining how the business functioned and came to following conclusions before suggesting and implementing a new fully electronic workflow solution:

  • Rapid growth in monthly claims processing had pushed existing manual and patched processes to almost breaking point, with exhaustive amounts of time spend trying to control the assessment process from cradle to grave.  An example of this were the multiple manual spread sheet reporting tools that were originally used to help with insurance claims tracking, but as the claim numbers grew from a few a month to literally thousands, so the use of spread sheets went from being a help to a hindrance.
  • The insurance claims management system was allowed to grow organically, with little quality control and lacked scalability as the company grew.
  • Management, tracking and control of the claim submissions by customers had become completely reliant of the diligence of the individual agents, rather than a flowing system driven by business rules. Trying to ensure each claim or settlement decision was processed correctly and recorded, was a balancing act run on a thin thread of unsynchronised spread sheets.

Planning for both firstcoast™ and the insurer involved many discussions to come up with a solution that was suited to the business and their needs to allow a free flow of information, track ability and ensuring that key claims deadlines were met. The client expectations of a quick turn-around on claiming were critical as a competitive advantage.

Collaboratively firstcoast™ and the insurer adapted their paperfreeweb™ solutions to this specific company to fulfil the workflow process needs. This involved as little change to principles of the claims assessment process as possible, with complete focus on a clean moulded electronic platform to fill the gaps in the current manual system.

paperfreeweb™ was implemented as the key workflow engine, document repository and data reporting tool, to allow for the adaption of a solution that specifically worked for the insurance company involved.

The key with paperfreeweb™ is that it can be tailored to the needs of any business, irrespective of the industry sector.
firstcoast™ believes strongly that only through collaborative tailor made solutions and not generalised ones, can businesses be supported to reach their maximum growth potential.

To listen to Grant Stott in conversation on this click here