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Case Study

Distell get their ‘fax’ right

Distell is Africa’s leading producer and marketer of fine wines, spirits, ciders and ready-to-drinks. In their large operation, they were struggling to ensure prompt document delivery to clients and suppliers, as they were relying on information from their SAP system to be distributed via the unreliable postal service.

They were looking for help with:

  • Ensuring documentation reached clients and suppliers quickly and reliably.
  • Improving their cash flow and work processes – which would be sped up if documents could be better tracked and approved
  • Ensuring sensitive information was not lost or accidentally put in the wrong hands
  • Improvements in document flow in order to improve their compliance with government regulations.

FirstCoast suggested the reinstallation of a fax solution, in the form of OpenText RightFax, which provides same-day delivery, sent fax confirmation, auditing and tracking of documents. Unlike postal mail, it also ensures that no documents are ever lost.

Distell was delighted with the solution and subsequently FirstCoast assisted the company in setting up more individualised desktop faxing too. In the end, RightFax proved to be a trusted and reliable fax server and electronic document delivery solution, assisting compliance with government regulations and safeguarding information security and privacy.

Technical information:

The products and services that FirstCoast used to streamline Distell’s document management are:

  • OpenText RightFax: Reliable and robust fax software solutions to integrate and automate the flow of a full range of fax, paper and electronic documents and data.
  • Software support: FirstCoast offers Service Level Agreements for all installations of our software range to ensure continuity and optimisation of our customers’ investments.

More information

For more information or to find out how FirstCoast can help your company reduce costs by digitising your faxes and documentation distribution, please contact FirstCoast Technologies to see what we could do for you.