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Medical & Pharmaceutical

Life Health Care

Case Study

Life Healthcare is one of South Africa’s largest private healthcare providers, offering world-class medical treatment at over 45 hospitals and clinics nationwide.

Nationwide, the group processes over 80,000 patients daily. Every patient submits at least three paper-based documents – which can be registration forms, medical reports, personal identification and medical aid documentation.


The Challenge

Capturing all of this information at registration was cumbersome and Life Healthcare wanted to speed up the process while still guaranteeing that the data is captured accurately. In addition, there is not a great deal of space in the hospital’s registration areas so any equipment procured would have to be compact.

The Solution

By scanning the patient documentation, Life Healthcare would be able to access information and convert it to electronic format, quickly and accurately.

Patient information generally consists of two types of documents: A4 forms and other loose papers; and smaller, sometimes bound identification documents, such as ID books and medical aid membership cards.

Processing these two formats efficiently led to the recommendation of two types of scanners:

  • The Avision AV220C2 – a compact, desktop scanner with an auto document feed. It is ideal for scanning loose A4 papers such as forms and letters and can process 35 pages per minute. Life Healthcare acquired three AV220C2 scanners in each of its hospitals.
  • The Avision AVA6-Plus – a small, space-saving flatbed scanner which is perfect for scanning small documents (up to A6 size) and scans in just three seconds. Two of these scanners were provided to each hospital.

Both scanners are small and compact, taking up little space in patient registration areas, as well as in behind-the-scenes administration offices. Combination scanners (which include sheet-fed and flatbed scanning in one) are available, but these are generally large machines, and there simply wasn’t space for them. Choosing the two smaller scanners not only saved space and was a more affordable option, but it meant that should one be out of operation, the other would still work.

With preset functions and one-button controls, the AV220C2 and AVA6 are also extremely easy to use.

An added extra

To make the scanning even more efficient, the system is able to tell which scanner has a document to be scanned on it. One computer is connected to both scanners, and a dual driver USB hub means that the system can sense which scanner to activate. This means that staff can simply click a single ‘scan’ button on their computers and the correct scanner will automatically start operating.

Predefined settings (e.g. resolution, orientation, etc.) were also set up to make the system even easier to use.

All in all, the Avision scanners turned out to be just what the doctor ordered!

Technical information:

The Avision products that Life Healthcare have invested in are:


More information

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