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Financial Services


Case Study

The Challenge: RCS wanted to upgrade their entire fax structure, essential to their RCS store card management system. Application forms from 16 000 merchants get faxed to RCS monthly and the existing system was heavily reliant on RightFax.

The Solution: FirstCoast Technologies implemented Alchemy as document management and archiving system to store all RCS documents. Alchemy and RightFax automatically integrates and archives faxes with the correct metadata. FirstCoast supplies ongoing support of digital management. 1.5 million statements are issued monthly. To streamline this process, store templates get over laid out of the CRM system. This allows for each statement to be no more than 2 kilobytes, while a fully branded statement could easily be more than 500KB. All invoices and other data is 100% retrievable through account number or ID number. Alchemy offers a single point of access for RCS.


“The FirstCoast Technologies team’s innovative and effective ideas and solutions have resulted in our systems being more efficient and our operations much more cost effective.  We now have the functionality and security of all customer correspondence in a centralised database.  We are entrusting FirstCoast with guiding us to become completely electronic and paper free.”