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Stellenbosch University

Case Study

Human Resources Department

The Challenge:

To digitize all personnel and pension files, some of which were already very old and fragile. Over 60 document types needed to be scanned and logically categorized for archiving and easy access.

The Solution:

Inotec Scamax scanners were used to provide TIFF images for archiving and PDF images to upload to Microsoft Sharepoint. IRIS Document Scanning Software was used for conversion. On completion of the project, a day-to-day scanning and digital filing solution was implemented with IRISpowerscan, Avision 122 scanners and Avision 186+ Scanners.

Alumni Relationship Department

The Challenge:

A whopping 200 000 alumni-related files needed to be scanned for Microsoft Sharepoint population and archiving. All files had to relate to donors and donations. This department also needed a day-to-day scanning solution to keep up to date with a complete digital filing system.

The Solution:

Inotec Scamax scanners, IRISpowerscan and IRIS Document Server software offered the perfect solution to successfully digitize and organize the files. An IRISpowerscan and Avision 176 A4 scanner now makes the department’s day-to-day scanning requirements a breeze.

Music Department – Library

The Challenge:

Two music collections, comprising original scores and sheet music, dating back many decades, had to be scanned. The material varied vastly in size and type and even contained original pencil content created by composers. Special care was needed with fragile and valuable documents and scan quality was of the utmost importance. Not only were high quality files needed for record-keeping purposes, but ‘lighter’ files were also needed to upload for sharing on DSPACE.

The Solution:

Zeutschel OS 12 000, Zeutschel OS 15 000 and Zeutschel OS 14 000 A0 scanners were implemented to render the highest quality 600dpi TIFF files for deep filing as well as 300dpi png files to upload onto DSPACE. As for the quality, even penciled comments that had been rubbed out by composers are legible on the digital files!

JS Gericke Library – special collections

The Challenge

Extremely fragile 35mm microfilm rolls and an old photograph collection – dating back to 1865 – had to be converted to searchable high resolution PDF files. The photographs ranged in size from A3 right down to A5. A collection of brochures, pamphlets and booklets dated 1910 also needed scanning.

The Solution:

A Mekel Mach 5 scanner and Mekel Quantum software were used to scan and convert the microfilm, while the Zeutschel OS 15 000 and OS 12 000 scanners were implemented to scan the photograph collection, brochures, pamphlets and booklets. Optical character recognition software – IRIS Document Server software – downsized and converted the scans to png format, resulting in fully searchable files.


“I have been dealing with Grant from First Coast Technologies for many years. He is a true visionary in his field. He has the ability to see the bigger picture and the expertise to plot the way towards a paper free environment – no matter what the challenges. First Coast’s team of experts is always available to give assistance and impart valuable technical knowledge and advice to our advantage.”