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AV320E2+ A3 ADF

The Avision AV320E2+ is our most advanced and powerful high speed sheet fed document scanner. Built to last using premium parts and material, the AV320E2+ can handle unprecedented 8,000 recommended daily duty cycles, and a pad life of 200,000 scans. The extra large capacity of its ADF can hold up to 150 sheets, compared to the standard of 50 sheets of our other models.

The AV320E2+ is capable of scanning documents up to A3 sizes, ensuring a wide range of document compatibility at your workplace. Equipped with new and improved rollers, it can take virtually any A8 to A3 size mixed documents you throw at it. No more need to pre-filter and organize similar-sized documents before batch scanning.

It doesn’t stop there. The most amazing aspect of the AV320E2+ is its incredible scanning speed – a lightning fast 80ppm / 160ipm at 200dpi resolution in gray mode and 60 ppm / 120ipm at 300dpi resolution in color mode! Quantity and quality achieved, absolutely no compromises.

Look no further than the AV320E2+ for the ultimate solution to all your scanning needs.

 AV320E2+ Specs

Scan rate up to 80 PPM/160 IPM at 200 dpi, gray mode

The AV320E2+ delivers fast scan rates of 80 pages per minutes in simplex and 160 images per minutes in duplex at 200 dpi gray and 60 pages per minutes in simplex and 120 images per minutes in duplex at 300 dpi color, providing a truly breathtaking digitalizing experience.

Support document up to A3 size, and support long page up to 3m

The reliable paper feed system also lets you scan unusually long document up to 3 meters (118″) at 300 dpi in color, grayscale, or black and white. This is ideal for scanning engineering diagram, insurance bill, health record or other special documents.

Avision Button Manager

For typical users, Avision’s Button Manager provides ease of use with 9 pre-configured file formats and destinations. For advanced users, Avision’s Button Manager allows full customization. With a simple touch of the button, users can conveniently scan and send images to E-mail software, specific folder, favorite software application, your printer, or convert into searchable PDF format!

New TWAIN driver support

AV320E2+ incorporates the latest TWAIN driver with new features and enhancement such as the ability to adjust sensitivity of dynamic threshold, document/photo color matching, custom color dropout, automatic multiple cropping, intelligent multi-feed, reduce despeckle, image count, digital imprinter, and transport timeout. We are committed to improving the TWAIN driver continuously to enrich your scanning experience as never before.

Ultrasonic Multi-Feed Detection

The Avision AV320E2+ uses sound waves to detect multiple documents that go through the scanner at the same time. When multiple pages are fed, the scanner detects multi-feed and sends a warning message. This action ensures that all of your critical documents are imaged correctly without losing a single page.


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Av320E2 Scanner

General Specification


Color Charged-Coupled Device (CCD)

Light Source


Document feeding mode


Optical Resolution (dpi)


Halftone Patterns

Dither and Error Diffusion

Grayscale mode

16bits input 8bits output

Color mode

48bits input 24bits output

Memory Size


Dimensions (WxDxH)

420 x 216 x 250 mm


12 kg


USB 2.0

Power Consumption

Operation: < 68 W
Standby: < 38 W
Power saving: < 5 W

Recommended Daily Volume

Up to 8000 pages

OS Support

WinXP/Vista/Win 7

Bundled Software

ISIS driver, TWAIN driver, Button Manager, AVScan 5.0, PaperPort 14 SE


Ultrasonic paper jam detection


Long Paper Mode

Up to 36 inch (200 dpi)
Up to 118 inch (300 dpi @ color simplex)

Card Scan

Embossed card (Thickness 1.25mm)

Scan Size

ADF Minimum: 50 x 88 mm
ADF Maximum: 297 x 432 mm (A3)

ADF Capacity

150 sheets (60 g/m² paper)

Paper Thickness and Weight

28 ~ 413 g/m²

Scanning Speed

B/W @ 200dpi, A4     Simplex: 80 PPM
Duplex: 160 IPM
B/W @ 300dpi, A4     Simplex: 60 PPM
Duplex: 120 IPM
Color @ 200dpi, A4     Simplex: 60 PPM
Duplex: 120 IPM
Color @ 300dpi, A4     Simplex: 60 PPM
Duplex: 120 IPM