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Microfilm Cameras/Readers

OK 400 / 401

OK 400 / 401 is the intelligent microfilm camera system for universal applications.

OK 400 / 401 advantages:

  • Simple, clearly structured operation
  • User-friendly menu guidance
  • Internal diagnostics
  • Remote maintenance
  • Cold-light illumination
  • Continuous factor selection
  • “Intelligent” Zeutschel bookcradle
  • High productivity
  • High production reliability


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Microprocessor controlled camera system of modular design for universal applications


Unperforated or perforated roll film 35 mm und 16 mm on reels 30.5 m (100 ft) or thin film 65.5 m (215 ft)

Size of Originals

OK 400: max. 1350 x 960 mm (>A0/E-size)
OK 401: max. 1080 x 710 mm (>A1/D-size)

Camera head

Removable, 360° rotation, variable shutter speed, display for exposure number, film length, warning film end on control panel with signal tone.  Integrated view of frame size projection, continuously variable frame mask (0-45 mm) with 4 programmable masks,  variable film step 1-9 mm, automatically adjusted film advance, film leader and trailer semi-automatic

Blip and no. fade-in

Fade-in of 8 alphanumeric characters (between frames) and 3-level blip, adjustable blip position (to the mid or left-side position)


High resolution lens. Automatic focusing controlled by microprocessor (adjustable focus level)

Reduction ratio

7 x to 36 x, continuously adjustable

Exposure control

Automatic exposure control with manual override, measured through lens on camera console. Exposure measurement with memory function especially designed for point measurement with the optional mobile photocell

Top Lights

4 flourescent (“cold”) lights

Camera Tables

Choice of roll-in/roll-out camera tables, easy to interchange on rails (see separate brochures). On request bookcradles OT 180, OT 180 H and OT 180 SP, bookcradle OT 90 for old books; , backlight table (with glass plate – optional), newspaper table and special tables (on request)

Control panel

Input on functional camera keyboard with touch-panel. Optional foot pedal for book cradle and exposure control

Power requirement

230 V, 50/60 Hz, 600 W. Other voltages on request


The camera system fulfills VDE (German) and CE safety requirements


2500 mm x 1385 mm x 2510 mm (w x d x h, incl. top lights)


approx.. 250 kg incl. copy board


Kit for color filming, front edge positioning of original acheived by automatic positioning of camera tables (only for A1/Dsize tables), automatic fade-in of 3-level blip, automatic fade-in of 8 alphanumeric characters (in the camera head), mobile photocell for local point-measurement, foot pedal for exposure, ergonomical footrest with integrated foot pedals for book cradle and exposure. More accessories on request