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High Volume Scanners

SCAMAX M06 Worktable

Working table for SCAMAX® document Scanner Type M06

The SCAMAX M06 Worktable was specially developed to avoid operator fatigue. The table is
set with a handle for desired working height of the operator.
It is even possible to work standing up


Features for Optimum Ergonomic Comfort

  • Adjustable height (Working height of 69 to cm 110 cm)
  • Spring pressure adjustable for easy height adjustment
  • Mobility by locking casters
  • Provide cable outlet, cable chain and cable duct
  • Outward wing placement for easy accessibility to the scanner
  • Inner edge of the side wings adapted for ‘seamless’ work.
  • CPU holder for added mobility
  • Adjust table in ‘light gray’ or ‘beech decor’


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