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Scanning your artwork

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Cape Town artists, you can now make top quality digital images of your artworks for reproduction.

The most advanced large format scanner in south africa is available at our facilities in Paarden Eiland.


The Versascan 3650 makes digital reproductions of good quality, fragile and delicate originals.

Since the material is lying still on the surface, reproductions are much more accurate at a 36 bit colour depth and a resolution of up to 1200 pixels per inch.


The result is true replication of the original for reproduction – even at 150% of the original size or more!




Why scan rather than photograph?

The difference between high quality scanning and conventional photographs lies in the configuration of CCD chips. High quality scanners use line pair sensors whilst cameras use area sensors.

Area sensors, as found in cameras, capture an image from one focal point. The Versascan high quality scanner uses a line sensor that covers every pixel across the width of the artwork and scans one pixel at a time. Every pixel contains all three colour channels, red, green and blue for perfect colour reproduction.

In an area sensor, or camera, every pixel represents only one colour channel and is typically arranged in extremely close proximity in three parallel rows. Each row has a colour filter – usually red, green and blue. This gives rise to a colour separated image. In order to capture the full colour information of an individual pixel, either the whole area needs to be shifted and read several times or the missing colours must be interpolated from information contained in the neighbouring cells.

With the Versascan high quality scanner the colour channels, as well as the focal length, are exactly the same across the entire surface of the artwork, minimising distortion towards the edges to less than one pixel. These unparalleled results cannot be achieved by other devices, such as conventional cameras.


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