Scanning and Data Services

Got tons of material that you want to scan and digitise? Or piles of forms and data to capture electronically? Let us take it off your hands and get the job done quickly and accurately. We offer both bulk scanning and data capture services. Our scanning and data services allow for swift capturing of both digital and non-digital data for either on-site or off-site data storage.

Large format scanning

With our new SMA versascan v3d A0 scanner, we can scan a myriad of different materials at a high quality with superior colour replication. This is the only A0 flatbed scanner in South Africa. Bring your maps, artworks, plans, posters or any large graphics and we’ll digitise it for you at the best quality and the lowest price guaranteed.

Bulk scanning services

We’ll convert your paper-based documents to digital format either at our service bureau or on-site at your premises. As well as freeing up space in your office, your data will be archived and managed with ease, so that you never have to search for information again:

  • Documents including books, pamphlets, photographs, magazines and newspapers are scanned fast and at very high quality
  • Output can be in a variety of file formats, including .TIFF, .PDF and .JPG.
  • Data output can be auto-indexed using advanced software technology
  • Indexed data can be easily imported into any document management solution
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) can be applied to documents during the scanning process, making their text searchable
  • All data is backed up and transferred onto CD or DVD.
  • Microfilm and microfiche can be scanned and converted from film to digital format.

Data capture services

When you have piles of forms or other documents requiring data capture, why not make use of FirstCoast’s scanning and data services? We’ll make sure everything is digitised quickly and efficiently. Electronic data capture are highly accurate as the risk of human input error is eliminated.

  • Forms are captured electronically, fast and accurately
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) makes text searchable and allows for verification and correction
  • Documents or images can be indexed
  • Bulk quantities of documents can be captured and indexed quickly and easily.

Contact us to discuss how our scanning and data services can help you – and for any other scanner support requirements you may have.