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IRIS Capture: Forms

Intelligent form identification
IRIS Capture Forms can deal with forms of all formats, irrespective of their size, layout or content. The indexing is based on I.R.I.S.’ barcode, 2D barcode and OCR recognition technologies and extensively uses key elements such as patterns, graphical elements, backgrounds, etc. The system further uses intelligent technologies to identify the form types and launch their processing in the system. Thanks to exclusive cleanup operations and geometrical calculations, even non-perfect or distorted images can be easily identified

Powerful template-based recognition
The whole series of recognition technologies used in IRIS Capture Pro for Forms are I.R.I.S.’s award wining in-house technologies. These include unbeatable engines for: typewritten characters (OCR), hand-printed data (ICR), barcodes (BCR), marks in check boxes (OMR), and any other graphical zones. These technologies are constantly improved by our R&D teams. A specific in-house voting technology is used to get the best possible results from ICR recognition.

Unique supervision tools
One of the unique features of IRIS Capture Forms is the supervision tools that help you avoid any operational problem during the whole processing. A wide range of indicators and statistical/graphical reports make sure that you have full control over the user’s achievements and the system’s productivity. No room is left either for lack of quality: no data can be left out. A unique query management tool offers direct communication with the form fillers who can send any missing data

Automatic processing of flexible forms
Documents with variations in layout, data font, languages and graphical elements, the so-called “flexible forms”, are automatically processed as a whole in the system using the unique OCR technology of I.R.I.S. and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Data and form export
The export of the data extracted by IRIS Capture Forms into your ECM database is easily achieved through ODBC, or can be customized with IRISConnect™ (Learn more). All in all, connections to platforms such as Oracle, SQL, Access, FoxPro, Firebird and others are available.
While IRIS Capture Forms supports the creation of index files in CSV or XML formats, form images can also be exported into your Document Management System in TIFF or JPEG formats (other formats such as PDF, compressed PDF, etc. are available as options)


Key benefits

• Save time and money on form processing
• Reduction of error-prone manual data input
• Powerful template-based recognition
• Easy validation with unique verification tools
• Flexible distributed architecture
• Export indexed data to any ECM or database
• Export original forms to any DMS

What are the main processing steps?


Your forms are scanned (paper) or imported (electronic)

Your forms key data (amounts, references, phone numbers, checked boxes, presence of a signature, etc.) are automatically extracted

3. Correction
The software indicates to the operator the forms where validation rules are not respected.

The validated information is exported in XML or CSV and ready to be used in other applications.

Once validated, your forms are exported. A large number of special connectors are available for integration with popular ECM databases and content management applications such as Oracle, SQL, Access, FoxPro, Firebird, MS Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, etc.

In only a few minutes, your forms data is directly incorporated into your company’s systems for further processing and analysis.


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