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Omniscan Capturing Software OS12

Omniscan Capturing Software- The best solution for the most demanding standards

Omniscan advantages

  • Fast processing of large amounts of image data with genuine 64-bit technology
  • Parallel image editing and saving during the scanning process, without any loss of speed due to multithreading
  • Operating interface permanently active, thus no unproductive waiting times
  • Perfect Book (optional) for distortion-free copies even of tightly bound book pages
  • Scanning can be stopped easily at any time
  • Very simple handling thanks to advanced scanning software
  • Parallel capture of metadata for bibliographic description of the scanned image
  • Simple management of scanning jobs
  • Individual setting of scanning area for any number of sections (multi-masking)
  • Visual checking of the work process with integrated thumbnail overview
  • Flexible file-saving in the widest variety of file formats
  • Simple transmission by email and current electronic delivery services
  • File output in accordance with METS standards. Index output as CVS or XML for further processing


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OS 12 control and image editing software for Zeutschel high performance scanners, e.g. OS 12000, OS 14000, etc.

Job management

Job parameters can be stored as basic settings for new jobs; job filing suitable for databases and DMS systems; subsequent editing of scan jobs possible at any time (simple pasting and replacement of images); subsequent batch-processing

Color management

Complete color management in accordance with ICC standards

Language system

Unicode, multilingual, adaptable to any language

Image editing tools (optional)

automatic tone value correction; automatic cropping; unsharp masking; stamp insertion; rotation; mirroring; inversion; brightness and contrast adjustment; watermarking; dynamic binarizing threshold; text/image differentiation; print space detection; paper white filter; color space transformation; OCR filter

File formats
TIFF; TIFF-LZW; BMP; JPEG; JPEG2000; LDF; PNG; PCX; PDF; Multipage-PDF; Multipage-TIFF
Electronic delivery services

compatible with HERMES DIGITAL; Ariel; Subito; JASON; MEDEA