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Perfect Book 3.0

Until now undistorted and evenly illuminated scanning of bound volumes was almost impossible. Thanks to the collaboration and transfer of knowledge between the Tübingen scanner specialist, Zeutschel, and the Institute for Electronics, Signal Processing and Communication Technology in Magdeburg, this problem is now a thing of the past.

The innovative technology, which makes it possible to almost perfectly correct the distortion in the area of the fold of the book, is called “Perfect Book”. This technology has been incorporated in the new Zeutschel OS 12000 series.

Perfect Book advantages

  • Distortion-free, perfect reproductions of bound originals
  • only 3D data-based corrective system in the world
  • optimal distortion correction, depending upon texture of the original
  • works without a glass plate to gently digitise sensitive originals
  • fully-automatic control
  • automatic page finding/recognition
  • Page cropping without book edges and margins
  • High-precision book curve finding, even with skewed books
  • Book curve correction
  • Straightening based on the 3D surface structure with 2 camera systems
  • Removal of fingerprints
  • Removal of undesirable elements
  • Adjustment of page sizes


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