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Capture and Recognition

Powerscan 9

The most powerful, easy-to-use production scanning and OCR solution supporting most popular highspeed scanners!
Boost your production scanner! Scan large quantities of documents at high speed, classify them by document type and transform them into compressed, indexed files that can be modified and are easy to share, archive and retrieve.

Main benefits of IRIS Powerscan:

• No page limitation.
• A modular solution capable of fast scanning and processing of very large volumes of
documents, up to 10,000 documents per computer per day.
• Wide range of document output formats available simultaneously (PDF, Word, etc.)
including PDF/A-1b, ideal for long term archiving.
• Hyper-compression: compresses your documents up to 50 times with the same
legibility! Facilitates document sharing and storage.
• Fast and accurate classification of documents.
• Advanced document type identification based on layout recognition (no separators
or barcodes needed)
• Indexing of strategic data (text, numbers, barcodes, etc.)
• Easy export to document management systems and business applications
(Microsoft® SharePoint®, Therefore™, FTP, etc.).
• Develop a connector to your own document management application thanks to an
easy-to-use .NET wrapper.
• Easy information retrieval: indexing of your documents allows you to easily find what
you need using keywords or sections of text content.
• Easy to install and to use.
• Interfaces with all types of scanner.
• Database lookup: compare and/or match captured indexes with pre-existing

Powerscan 9 Key features

• Supports all high speed scanners – no volume limitation
• Optimizes image quality
• Classifies your documents per kind of documents (invoices, order forms, delivery
bills, etc.) based on pre-defined criteria (document layout, content location, blank
page separations, barcode placed in your batches before scanning)..
• Names and indexes your documents using a large range of information (numeric
sequence, user name, barcodes, etc.). Indexes are attached to your documents to
easily retrieve them later from your electronic document management system.
• Creates all types of electronic documents: editable formats (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.)
or non-editable formats like images (JPEG, TIFF, etc.) and documents adapted for
archiving (PDF, XPS) or for long term archiving (PDF/A-1b). Creates simultaneously
up to 11 documents in different formats!
• Highly compresses color or black and white PDF or XPS documents (add-on) up
to 50 times while keeping a high quality image as well as the text layer. Documents
storage and sharing are much more easier.
• Powerful text recognition: recognizes 137 languages! (Full list at
• Exports to external applications: documents and their associated indexes can be
exported to various destinations. They can be sent via e-mail attachment or a FTP
file, put in a folder or a shared folder for a group of users , a document management
system like Microsoft® SharePoint® (add-on) or Therefore™ (add-on). Via custom
connectors, you can also send documents to a database, a business application
(accounts and financial control, HR, etc.), or an ERP system.

IRIS Powerscan Add-ons

• I.R.I.S. high compression with iHQC™ (Intelligent High Quality Compression) to
hyper-compress PDF and XPS files up to 50 times.
• Microsoft® SharePoint® connector to export documents and indexes into
Microsoft® Sharepoint®, directly in the right libraries.
• Therefore™ connector to export documents and indexes into Therefore™, directly
in the right cathegories.
• FileNet® connector to export documents and indexes into IBM® FileNet® Content
• IRISFingerprint™ to easy and quickly identifies documents on the basis of their
• Multi-user centralized configuration management to connect several
IRIS Powerscan together in a network
• ISIS Driver to pilot scanners equipped with ISIS driver.
• Background Processing to process documents and scan in the same time.
• Legal Scanning to complie with Belgian legal scanning law (guarantees that the
scanned image has not been modified after scanning)
• Arabic OCR to recognize Arabic and Farsi.
• Asian OCR to recognize Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean.
• Hebrew OCR to recognize Hebrew.


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General Product Information

Key Features
  • Multistream scanning (color, B&W, grayscale)
  • Multi-images display
  • Image pre-processing features (deskew, cropping and blank page detection, etc.)
  • Pre-defined set of images parameters templates
  • Full support of VirtualReScan™
  • Easy images manipulation and editing features (rescan, rotate, split&merge, etc.)
  • Batch and documents separation features through Barcodes, OCR zones, blank pages, layout, etc.
  • Automatic documents renaming through barcodes values, layout identification or OCR/ICR zones
  • Easy indexing of your documents through barcodes, OCR/ICR zones or using OCR on-the-fly
  • Advanced automatic sorting of documents through barcodes, patchcodes and OCR/ICR
  • Powerful banking fonts recognition (OCR-A1 Alphanumeric, Eurobanking and Numeric, OCR-B1 Alphanumeric, Eurobanking and Numeric, E-13B Optical and CMC7)
Predefined Projects to Aid Productivity
  • IRISPowerscan™ is delivered with numerous predefined projects in order to fasten your workflow. These predefined projects include typical settings for common sorting, indexing and processing tasks for instance. With IRISPowerscan™, start scanning at a production level in few clicks!
  • If none of the predefined templates matches your needs, you can very easily create your own workflow projects as well. These projects will be saved in the IRISPowerscan™ start page.
  • IRISPowerscan™ supports any brand of scanners: Kodak®, Canon®, Hewlett-Packard®, Avision, Fujitsu®, Epson®, Panasonic®, Bell + Howell® and many more. Simply choose the scanner you want to use with IRISPowerscan™ in the list or select the « Generic TWAIN Driver mode.
Intelligent High Quality Compression
  • I.R.I.S. iHQC™ Add-on (Patent Pending) represents the best technology to convert your documents into highly-compressed color PDF files with searchable text without conceding on quality!
  • iHQC™ basic compression level, called Level 1 Good Quality, is included in IRISDocument™ and you can also enjoy the best compression levels in limited volumes (1.000 documents/year).
  • As the iHQC™ technology is sold as an Add-on, prices are based on the volumes of documents you want to process with this new technology (an unlimited version also exists).

New in IRIS Powerscan™ 9

  • New background processing – scan and process at the same time!
  • LDAP user authentication through Active directory®
  • Multi-user centralized configuration management: export configurations, projects, images, etc.
  • Booklet management and sorting
  • New barcode engine
  • New BOF with the new, included IRISDocument™ for recognition, conversion and compression
  • Extended integration with IRISDocument™ 9 Server
  • ISIS support (Add-on)
  • Extended integration into SharePoint® connector – automatically create libraries based on document types! (Add-on)
  • New IRISFingerprint™ document type recognition engine (Add-on)
  • Shared Drive Add-on
    – Share batches of documents like simple files
    – Automatically update local IRISPowerscan™ stations from a centralized configuration file
  • Tutorial for quick start
  • New templates – start scanning in one click!