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Quantum Process

Mekel Technology’s next generation of roll-film scanning and processing software technology


No matter what the technology is called, when it comes to full-roll ribbon scanning, Mekel Technology’s Quantum software scanning and processing technologies offer superior image capture, quality, processing and savings benefits.

Increase operator production

Scan at full-rated speeds without operator intervention Share quality assurance tasks with multiple operators
Drive multiple MACH V microfilm scanners with a single operator

Reduce microform scanning costs

Never search for lost images Eliminate the need to rescan

100% image capture guaranteed

Optimum image quality

Advantages of Quantum Software

Batch Processing

Single or multiple QuantumProcess license availability enables digital reels to be processed across a network by multiple quality assurance technicians

Strip Zoom Capability

Use the image zoom function to allow for a range from “quick glimpse” to “detailed review” for quality and frame accuracy

Editing Toolkit

A sophisticated toolkit ensures that multiple editing functions are only a mouse click away: frame creation, resize, delete, insert, overlap, undo, mirror, invert, etc.

Fixed Grid Frame Replication

Allows for the setting of a fixed image size and spacing to be applied to all frames or selected frames in a group

Blip Removal

Provides the option to remove blips from frame detection

Irregular Frame Flag

Save time and labor by selecting a median average of all frame sizes, flagging only those images that fall outside of the average for review

Custom Processing

The “all” or “selected” options give the operator the ability to process/export all images in a roll or only those pre-selected

Multiple Output Options

Various file output options include uncompressed TIFF, PDF, TIFF G4, JPEG and others Additional output options include: grayscale files only; bi-tonal files only; or simultaneous grayscale and bi-tonal files


Using QuantumScan, the need to reload has been completely eliminated. The MACH V 16/35mm microfilm scanner scans an entire roll of film in minutes, detecting all images and flagging those that need review. Whether reviewing an entire roll or just suspect frames, the operator has an array of manual and automatic features to ensure 100% accurate image detection.


QuantumProcess provides the opportunity to edit the image detection and make changes to both grayscale and bi-tonal image quality without ever having to reload a roll of film. Strips can be stored for the life of a project allowing the user to make as many changes as necessary to deliver the highest quality images in the market.


Quantum software has opened the world to “ugly” or poor quality film, which can now be scanned without missing images. Using QuantumProcess, these images can be scanned, processed and rendered as useable images. As a result of this capability, the new digital images can be used to create silver master films for long term preservation of poor quality or degraded film.


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quantum process