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Readiris Pro 14

Free yourself from paper.

Readiris Pro 14 is a powerful OCR solution designed for private users and
independent workers. Thanks to Readiris Pro 14, you will boost your productivity
and save an incredible amount of time when converting any paper document,
PDF, or image file into digital files you can edit, search and share to the Cloud in
a single click!

Readiris pro 14 key features

• Turn paper documents into editable, digital text (Word, Excel®, OpenOffice, etc.).• Create searchable PDF files up to 5 times smaller than the original images thanks to iHQC™.
• Worldwide OCR solution – 137 recognized languages (incl. Asian languages and Arabic!).
• New OCR engine for faster processing and enhanced accuracy.
• Improved multi-core CPU support and multitasks.
• New user-friendly interface (Office 2010 look).
• Powerful table recognition – recreate the original spreadsheet!
• Output connectors to the Cloud: upload to Dropbox, SkyDrive®,, Google Drive™ and Evernote™.

Free inside the box!
– 3-month Evernote® Premium voucher (worth 15 €/$).
– 10-day IRISCompressor™ license.
– Promt® 9 Personal translation software.

Key benefits

• Easy-to-use text recognition & document archiving solution

Never retype any text and save a maximum of time to scan, recognize, convert
and archive all your documents in just a single click.

• Revolutionary High-Quality Compression technology (iHQC™)

Create colored PDF and XPS files up to 5 times smaller than the original image
size. Ideal for document archiving!

• Extended support of portable file formats

Turn all your paper documents into searchable PDF and XPS files.
Convert any PDF into editable text.

• Multilingual solution

The OCR engine recognizes 137 languages (including Asian languages, Russian
and Arabic ) and the user interface is localized in 28 languages.

(complete list at

• Output connectors to the Cloud

Easy integration with your favorite Cloud services. Upload to Dropbox, SkyDrive®,, Google Drive™ and Evernote™ in a single click!.

• Advanced table recognition

Microsoft®’s spreadsheet ML format supported for a perfect table reproduction.

• Scan to email

Using Readiris Pro 14 is the easiest way to scan paper documents and
automatically send them by email.


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Compatible with Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows® Vista®, Windows® XP


Compatible with Mac OS®X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion (earlier versions not supported!).


Windows: Intel® Pentium® 4 PC or higher recommended. 512MB RAM (1GB recommended). 120MB of available hard disk space.

Mac: A Mac® computer with a Intel® processor. Minimum 220MB of available hard disk space. 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)