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In this featured product segment, we’d like to look at one of the cool features and functions built into the Versascan family of scanners, which really set them apart from the competition: the V3D function.
The V3D software is an exciting and innovative feature which comes standard with all new large format Versascan scanners. V3D is cutting-edge software which has been designed to map 3-dimensional images on 2-dimensional surfaces. V3D uses light reflection on small items with texture and relief to detect the contours and details of the surfaces and duplicates these properties in a digital format. The resulting image is a near-perfect recreation of all of the 3D properties which real items and articles possess. No other large format device currently features the same functionality which Versascan’s V3D software brings to the table. Please take note that this is not a 3D scanner in the broad sense of the word such as CNC laser machines and other multi-dimensional 3D scanners, it merely reproduces textures and contours realistically on small, flat articles or textured images.


V3D stands for visual 3D. It is a newly designed scanning technology that produces results that look like 3D. The process is based on different lighting scenarios where the same area is captured with several different lighting angles. The software then combines the separate images into one image. As a result, V3D images offer perfect reproductions of nearly any textured surface. In addition, it increases the depth of field significantly. This approach is unique and raises the outstanding image quality of SMA scanners to another level. The V3D function can be disabled to perform regular 2D scanning.

SMA’s Versascan devices are available in three different sizes – the introductory 63.5cm x 127cm flatbed size, the intermediate 91.5cm x 127cm flatbed size, and the high-end 91.5cm x 254cm flatbed size. All three of these flatbed scanners comes with the V3D software and capabilities.

Artwork by Liza Grobler
Wool and paint on canvas
(Scanned on our Versascan 3650)