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Zeutschel ScanStudio – scanner and photo studio in one

 Zeutschel ScanStudio – scanner and photo studio in oneZeutschel ScanStudio

Since the boom in the digitisation industry, the option to digitise material for preservation has become available to more and more people. With the increased availability and demand, our clients have more diverse needs and requirements. In collaboration with Zeutschel in Germany, we are constantly trying to meet these new demands and make digitisation available and affordable for more people.

With this in mind, the ScanStudio was born – one machine to meet all digitisation needs. It is a scanner and photo studio in one.
The system consists of a 100 magapixel camera system with a “digital back” from PhaseOne, interchangeable lenses and the Zeutschel ErgoLED lighting system with flexible directed lighting – all embedded in a solid, modular basic stand. As it is modular, a wide variety of copy board systems and cradles can be used depending on your specific needs. You can scan anything from a postage stamp to coins or books, as well as fragile large format documents with utmost precision at very high resolutions. The modular accessories offered by the ScanStudio include interchangeable lenses; replaceable and upgradeable “digital backs” up to 100 megapixel resolution; transparency units; brackets for the most common film formats and cradles as well as copyboard tables for documents up to A1 size.


Superb image quality

The Zeutschel ScanStudio offers an image quality exceeding the provisions of the established digitization guidelines of FADGI (Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative), Metamorfoze and the ISO 19264-1 standard.
This system solution uses the latest state-of-the-art generation of “digital backs” from PhaseOne. The large-sized sensor is perfectly matched with the offered lenses, combined with the high bit depth and unparalleled high dynamic range; you have sharp, noise-free and high contrast images that faithfully reproduce even the finest details.


Metallic surfaces can be accurately reproduced
scan studio

A standard postage stamp scanned at such a high resolution that every detail can be seen


scan studio

The same postage stamp, zoomed in


Each perfect picture requires the right lighting. Instead of a flash, the Zeutschel ScanStudio uses the special Zeutschel ErgoLED lighting system featuring two LED lamps that can be flexibly adjusted and controlled. The original material is illuminated ‘crosswise’ to prevent shadows from appearing in the book fold or casting shadows on mint coins, for example.
scan studio

Automatically renders negative film to positive

zeutschel scan studio